Saturday, June 23, 2007

Top 5 Thoughts of the Day

1. Where did Celebrity Deathmatch go? And for that matter what about MTV? Nobody watches it anymore. The only thing that held it together was Road Rules and Real World and now they're in season 200 or something to that degree. Everyone knows you can only have 5 sequels to a TV show/movie. Probably why Rocky VII is just ludicrous and would never happen.
2. What happened to Sisqó? You can't hold it against the guy just because he breaks the laws of the morphology of the English language (Sisqó sounds cool, but Sisquo just sounds latin). Anddddd he was doing great until he branched out from doing songs about thongs (Cause any other subject, admit it, you just wouldn't listen to him would you?). Trivia: He was born in Baltimore. Who knew? I don't know about you, but I'm proud to have him as a neighbor.
3. Got to hand it to Google Images. Although this picture intrigues me, it makes me wonder how he discovered his talent.
4. Stay with me on this one. On TV, when they're interviewing a celebrity who was originally famous for one thing (e.g. singing) but recently branched into another talent (e.g. acting) they always have to identify them by both professions. You should definitely have to earn that title first. I wouldn't call Paris Hilton a singer/actress even though she had an Emmy-winning performance in The Hillz. Or Kelly Clarkson similarly even though she was in From Justin to Kelly. You're not an actor if your movie is among the worst ever made. Actually scratch that. I'd love to see an interview where they describe Paris as a "singer/actress/felon". Works for me.
5. Kanye West is going to star in a half-hour sitcom. No lie. Now I'm a Kanye fan but this has to be the dumbest idea ever. Stick to rapping or causing controversy, whatever it is that you do well.

Bet he's regretting that drunken 3 am trip to the Hair Cuttery right about now.


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