Thursday, June 21, 2007

Lebron's Father is Who?

With the NBA draft coming up and Lebron's recent flub in NBA Finals, it got me to thinking: They sure do look a lot alike. Brothers or cousins or something. Anyway, I compiled a list of very relevant look-alikes, relatives, and kind of think they're relatives for your enjoyment.

Lebron James Greg James
I'm betting one Larry O'Brien NBA Championship Trophy that these two are related. Same smirk, same mid-range jumper (read: no mid-range jumper), same dominating style.

Ewing Ewing, Jr.

Ok, so this is verified. But if you didn't read the back of their jerseys, maybe their penchant for being injured tipped you off.

Rick Barry Brent Barry

Getting more serious now. Classic father-son. About as classic as you're gonna get. On a side note, I didn't know that Rick "H-o-r-s-e" Barry was an underhand free throw shooter. On another more pertinent note, Brent looks like that kid in high school who smoked too much, but you liked anyway because they were too fried to be any real nuisance.

Vlade Divac T hat Guy Who's in the Da Vinci Code

Ah, yes. The Divac Brothers. Vlade....and Ibrahim? Ibrahim shunned his brother to pursue a more noble career.

And last one:

Zydrunas. I'm actually lacking a picture for this one, but the Z-man suspiciously looks like that IT guy from the Geek Squad that came to fix your computer last week. Wait, why did the Cavs lose? He's their center? Really? Him? Nahhhhhhhhhh, no way. Maybe he should have stuck to IT.

And to cap it all off with the Totally-Irrelevant-to-this-Post-Phil-Mickelson-Picture-of-the-Day:

Source: Deadspin


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