Sunday, February 24, 2008

Monday Night Madness

1. xkcd - I don't get it.

2. TASERs The real action starts around the 2 minutes mark...

So AJ and I were discussing the finer points of this vid...and we were thinking:
1. The guy assumes the cop is wrong.
2. The guy is too assertive.
3. The guy almost asks for it after the cop takes out the TASER.

The whole time I was thinking of how this video showed how NOT to act during a traffic stop.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

ESPN Commercials through the Ages

Andy Roddick is unintentionally hilarious.

This is what happened to the Knicks lottery picks over the years.

Bad pick.

This has to be one of my favorites for its accurate portrayal of Mark McGwire in his prime. I guess he didn't take himself too seriously.

Back when Rich Eisen was golden.

Kids. Heh.

Something tells me steroids takes away from your acting ability also.

Monday, February 18, 2008

How to take a Head Trip in about 10 minutes

Watch this video. Don't think, just watch:

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Things I Can't Stand #1: Visa Commercials

Not all of them. The Yao Ming one was funny.
But the ones like these two:

OK. Contrary to what Visa would like you to believe, the world of commerce will not come to a screeching halt if you have the audacity to use paper money.
In fact, many times it is the opposite. Yes, we all do it, but it's kind of aggravating to wait for the guy at Food Lion to punch in his pin number and be asked three times if he wants cash back because he couldn't dig up the money for a bottle of Cheerwine.
As for the second one, with the check: When was the last time you saw someone write a check in any store, other than an old person in a grocery store? And if old people want to write checks, let them. Because their alternative is to use a newfangled thingamajig with too many buttons.
So yes, debit cards are good, but no one's going to spill their lunch on you if you don't use them.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Friday Night Lights


This one still gives me chills...

Clemens Under Oath

OK, so after class on Wednesday I had enough free time to catch the first hour or so of the Clemens hearing on television. I had high expectations that something was going to go down, and this would front page news the next day; especially since watching the McGwire/Sosa/Palmeiro hearing a year back. What I got was a whole lot of nothing...
The hearing started off with the chairman and ranking member talking for about half an hour rationalizing why they should have the hearing (See Waxman on ESPN). After that, old scruffy voice Elijah Cummings (my representative...) gave Clemens the nth degree. This exchange winded up confusing everybody in the known universe because basically it was Pettite's word against Clemens'. Cummings had to remind Clemens that Pettite signed a deposition AND an affidavit that flat out said Clemens told him that he took HGH. Clemens' response: "I think he [Pettite] misremembers." Apparently Clemens' ability to lie ranks right above Dubya.
At this point, McNamee was questioned for 15 minutes. Basically the testimony directly opposed Clemens. At this point, my expectations battered, I decided this hearing wasn't going to tell me anything they hadn't said before. I did however realize that it helped Clemens accomplish what he had set out to do. 1) Basically, McNamee was smeared beyond belief:

Mr. Shays: Mr. McNamee, you are a drug dealer. You
may --
Mr. McNamee: That's your opinion.
Mr. Shays: No, it's not in my opinion. You were dealing
with drugs.
Mr. McNamee: Okay.

These were just some of the hits he took.
2) Clemens was given the opportunity to look straight into the face of a Committee member and say unequivocally that he had never taken steroids.

Unfortunately, we all know people can lie. And as we've seen with Palmeiro, they can lie publicly with conviction. In my opinion, Clemens has the most to lose if he does not lie. His stats show an unusual surge in production in his late thirties that could only be attributable to performance-enhancing drugs. In a statement to federal authorities, I cannot conceive how Pettite could "misremember" two conversations about HGH with Clemens. If you were about to incriminate one of your closest friends, would you not be absolutely sure that it was not only in your best interest, but also the truth. Frankly, Clemens is grasping at straws here.

Roger Clemens Facts:
Most Recent Cy Young
Age: 41
Best ERA in a season - 1.87 in 2005
Most Recent MVP - 2005
Age: 42

And if you really care here's the Roger Clemens report put out by Hendricks Sports Management that posits his career was directly in line with what one would expect from a pitcher of Clemens' caliber.

The World in which We Live

One question: Do they have real jobs?


Whenever I read obscene headlines, I always construe some wild story in my head of how in the hell it could have happened. But I'm kind of at a loss for this one: "Boy, 10, shotguns sis in face over chips" So what we can gander from this is not only does the kid have access to a shotgun, but also access to bullets. The parents let him know where the guns were. And the sister was trusting enough to stick around to find out why he was holding that shotgun after they had a fight.
Oh, wait. It took place in Dillon, SC. Hmmmm. Must be them grits.

Monday, February 11, 2008

The Case for Obama

In the words of Kanye West: I ain't here to argue about his facial features, or here to turn atheists into believers. Truly, the case for Obama goes deeper than electing the first Black president, or whether or not he will bring change. Honestly, you'd be remiss if you were to believe that Obama himself can fix the faults of the Bush administration. He will face stiff opposition from the Republican side in both the Senate and House. As the first Democratic president in 8 years, there will lots of pressure on Senator Obama to prove his party nominated the right man for the job. Especially when everyone contends that a major shortcoming in Obama's campaign is his lack of experience.

However, I believe there is one thing that separates Obama from Hilary and McCain right now. This is not Obama's eloquence or knowledge. It's not Obama's ability to debate issues. It's certainly not his ability to read teleprompters. So what is it?

Obama has the ability to unite. We can talk about change until we don't know the meaning of the word. Each candidate says they can bring change. But what we need right now more than change is unity. Unity begets progress. Progress begets improvement. Improvement is what we need for this country.
We can do better.

Two presidents in the last 150 years have risen above party lines to dig America from out under its own woeful conditions: Abraham Lincoln and Franklin Roosevelt.

They were not alone in uniting the country. In today's political system, the Cabinet has become the President's personal spoils of victory. He elects leaders of his party to advise him on how to run the nation. Obama will change this, and lead how our uniting presidents did: by taking the opinions of knowledgeable politicians from both sides. This is crucial.