Thursday, June 21, 2007

Baltimore Sports

1. Seriously, raise your hand if you're surprised Joe Girardi turned down the O's. OK, anyone with their hand in the air is a MORON. Let's see, he can either continue to announce for the Yankees, OR he can be paid a few dollars more to manage an underachieving team with a meddling owner.
2. To Noah: As much as I would love to see a Baltimore team do something great, until the Ravens stop underachieving in the playoffs, ESPN will continue to ignore them. And everyone knows the Browns will dominate the AFC North this year.
3. Has anyone seen that Traveler's Insurance commercial where they reattach the rabbits' feet? Notice about 20 seconds in when they show the rabbit swimming? Do rabbits swim? Obviously, I see the rabbit swimming in the commercial, but wouldn't you be at least a little surprised if you saw a rabbit swimming in a pond?
(Upon Wikipedia research, this is unresolved however I did find out that: 1) If you declaw a rabbit, it will be unable to stand, (2) Female rabbits are always ready for breeding [they do not go into heat like dogs and cats], hence the term "breeding like rabbits" (3) Rabbits are incapable of vomiting)


Noah said...

You make a valid point with how the Ravens are a disapointment in the playoffs. But I also feel confident that this year is different, the players that we draft and aquired through free agency are going to have a huge impact on the team. Not only are we going to make the playoffs, we are going to make a run going probably as far as the AFC title game. And to your comment about the Browns dominating the AFC North, you could have picked a more fesiable team such as ohh i dunno the Steelers or the Bengals. There is no way the Browns will ever be a force in the AFC North, at least not in the next 5-10 years.

Alex said...

why the hell are you up at 7 am?

A.J. said...

1. You misspelled feasible
2. Is it pathetic that the only three comments on this blog are from the three people who created it?