Saturday, April 10, 2010


Let's not mince words. This weekend is all about one person. Unless you're cut off from the world as we know it, Tiger Woods owns the spotlight. And yet it seems like for all the publicity he has gotten in recent months, the golf world is, surprisingly, back to normal.

To all those who think the fans shouldn't be cheering and applauding Tiger; nobody cares about his philandering, they just wanna clap at some well played golf balls. Like this: SICK. To be clear, that is most definitely a hook. That shot that you're able to pump out about every go on the golf course, he owns to within feet of the hole.

To all those who think Tiger should stop cursing on the golf course, and that he's disrespecting the game. Think about it this way. Golf is his job. A job he takes very seriously; admonishing him for cursing is like getting pissed off at Frank in Accounting for yelling at the copier when it has a paper jam (PC LOAD LETTER?). Maybe CBS should do us a favor and not mic him up every time he hits a bad shot (What?).

On that note, I didn't know there were loads of YouTube vids of golf players hitting people on the golf course. Makes sense, if there were a gallery of people around me when I was playing golf, I'd be sending people to the emergency room.

1. Crack
3. ohhhhh....

The first few thoughts I had when I watched opening round coverage were:

1. Tiger is jacked. Apparently he's taken all his emotions out in the gym.
2. The "YOU DA MAN, TIGER!" guys were back in full force. I heard more of these shouts than normal.
3. Who spends money on this?
4. Tiger has more than a legit chance to win. Nowhere has he shown that probably the biggest personal mess of his life has affected any part of his golf game. Not only that but you got a bunch of chokers in front of him: Westwood, Poulter, Mickelson, Kim, Couples, and Barnes. That's about as easy as you're gonna get in front of you without adding the likes of Duval, Calcavecchia, and Van de Velde.

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