Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Music...where have you gone.

I am the ultimate pawn of the music industry. No, I'm not trying to make some consumer-conformist-whatever statement, it's just that I simply don't care to peruse the MILLIONS of songs by indie and alternative bands in lieu of mainstream ear candy.

I buy the iTunes top ten...every month. I listen to Top 40 music stations. Yeah. Whatever.

Anyway, this extreme lameness allows me to get well acquainted with today's racket. A racket that has turned from mildly entertaining and comical music (think Beatles to KC and the Sunshine Band to Poison to Madonna to Beastie Boys to Backstreet Boys) to an ego trip (sans Lady Gaga).

You will not be able to listen to a song on top 40 radio without learning how awesome the people are who are singing it. It's...lovely.

Example #1: Taio Cruz's Break your Heart and you'll also enjoy a BBC blog post on it.

"If you fall for me, I'm not easy to please. I'm gonna tear you apart"

But the best part is the beginning, it's an ego love-fest: 

"Woman: This night is gonna hurt you.
Taio: You know i'm not gonna break your heart.
Woman: You wanna bet?
Taoi: Bring it on.

Taoi, you make my knees weak, man. 

Example #2: Kevin Rudolf's I Made It featuring half the rap world and Cash. Money. Heroes. 

Observation a. When you make more than $10 million, you should be better at naming your posse. Cash Money Heroes? Fucking awesome!

"I look up to the sky
And now the World is mine
Ive known it all my life
I made it, I made it!

BTW, Rudolf, you are the old man equivalent of Kesha. It's true. 


A.J. said...

Does Kevin Rudolf ever do anything in a video other than hold a guitar like he has no idea how to play it?

Alex said...