Friday, April 23, 2010

Ode to Minor League Baseball

Even though some might find it a little creepy that they're putting links at the top of your Gmail window based on what's in your emails, sometimes the links are pretty cool.  Case in point: it let me know there's a new minor league team: the Lake County Fielders.  Sound like an odd name?  Maybe the logo will ring a bell:

No?  Does it help to know it's in Iowa?  How about this:
Get it?  Field of Dreams?  Nice one.  That's one of the great things about minor league baseball.  You get goofy nicknames that reflect that character of the places they're in:
Kannapolis Intimidators (Dale Earnhardt was from Kannapolis)
Montgomery Biscuits:
Las Vegas 51s (as in Area 51):
Then, there's always the far less entertaining yet equally unique name of Dash.  That's the Winston-Salem Dash (One of the city's nicknames is "The Dash", in reference to the hyphenated name):
How about the Vancouver Canadians (Vancouver is in Canada...get it!?!?)
(That is not their logo but it is much cooler than the actual one)

And I guess for good measure, we can throw in the Lansing Lugnuts:
Sweet.  In my opinion, it's hard to beat a minor league baseball game.  Everything's (relatively) cheap, plenty of entertainment (outside the game, that is), great atmosphere, and all that's just in case the thought of relaxing in the sunshine and watching baseball isn't good enough for you.  So get out there and support your local oddly named baseball team!

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