Monday, July 2, 2007


so Alex and I were just discussing doing a post on our favorite SportsCenter commercials, which prompted me to look up this beauty. Someone told me it aired for a very short period of time before the school pulled it.

But the real gem was found by clicking on one of those ridiculous videos they show links to at the end. Check this out. Some guy was obviously perturbed about the quality of high school umpiring in crapville, new hampshire, that he took his case to youtube. And lost miserably. If you take it full screen and go frame by frame (which can only be done by double clicking the play/pause button really fast), you will see that the ball landed foul by at least a foot. But before that, take time to appreciate the accents: "IT HIT THE CHAWLK!"
Plus, I'm wondering, what the hell is this guy doing standing there videotaping? Is he like "gosh, I really hope someone hits one down the line so I can put it on YouTube and become famous!!!"?? And if you continue to click on the related links, you will see that there is no shortage of dunderheads who have attempted to reach baseball justice via YouTube.


Noah said...

that second link was probably the biggest waste of my time...

Alex said...

That's the point of youtube man.