Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Hot Dogs

I watched the Hot Dog Eating Contest on ESPN today. And it was amazing. Never have I been gripped to the TV for 15 minutes like that before. You'd think it was boring, or a just-kind-of-not-worth-your-time kind of thing. Wrong. This had action. This had patriotism. This dogs.
Joey Chestnut downed 66 hot dogs in 15 minutes with Takeru Kobayashi coming in second with 63. And neither of them passed out. Chestnut was coherent and talking afterward. The average person eats that amount of hot dogs in a year. Honestly, at this point, shouldn't we be looking into at what point eating too much food at what time will kill you? If you can die from too much water, something has to happen when you eat that amount of hot dogs.

Random note:
Underarmour's gonna go out of business if they keep making their commercials this inane. Cause you might have kids copying them.


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Alex said...

looks like we got our first fan.