Thursday, May 22, 2008

Let Eastern Motors...

I stumbled upon this Eastern Motors commercial today on the tube. I forgot how bad the athletes that lip sync to the song are. I know they're not told to actually care about accuracy or believability, but Carmelo Anthony...really?? Are you that bad?

Kevin Jones.
OK, so I don't know you, but you did a completely average job. Work on those facial expressions, and also not looking like a Harvard MBA with a basketball jersey.

Brendan Haywood.
He infected me with his awkwardness.

Clinton Portis.
Simply amazing. Not only do you get an academy award nomination but you were definitely the most animated. Maybe a daytime soap opera is in your future?

Laveranues Coles.
He copied Portis' moves...

LaVar Arrington.
I love how he really gets into the whole thing (i.e. furrowed brow, glare, thumbs up, etc.). He also knows how to work the beat. Great all around. I'm sure after he retires he'll replace the Rock as the best football player turned actor, who is also huge.

Carmelo Anthony.
Coming off a rousing portrayal of a tortured soul who only got a bronze medal in the World Championships in his acting debut Stop Snitching, it seems Carmelo has lost his stride.

Edit: If you liked the Stop Snitching clip, then you'll probably like the Keep Talkin' response from the Baltimore Police Department. There's a reason The Wire and Homocide were filmed in Baltimore.

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