Thursday, May 8, 2008

4 Reasons the NBA is Back

1. The Spurs are aging and the Lakers are coming back. If you take a look at the Nielson ratings for the NBA for the past 30 years, you'll notice two things. One, the Spurs being in the Finals does for ratings what Dane Cook does for the box office. Two, the Lakers (and also the Bulls back in the 90s) are like ratings crack. The Lakers even pull 2-3x the amount of fans as the Spurs.

2. One word: Ballers. Kobe Bryant, Lebron James, Chris Paul, Dwight Howard, Boston's Three Amigos. The NBA thrives on rivalries and ballers: Magic-Bird, Bulls-Knicks, Jordan-everybody else. The talent this year has been nothing short of what you should expect.

3. New Orleans Hornets. The team is fast, young, and talented. Basically, they make the Spurs look like an old man talking about the good ol' days when they actually won trophies.

4. Jerseys. OK, don't fault me for this one. But the NBA is sporting some pretty fly apparel. I'm a big fan of the new New Orleans jerseys, Cleveland, and the Hawks. Although, you have to wonder what is going through the Clippers', Spurs', and Blazers' minds when you look at the travesties that they call their logos.

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