Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Report: Soccer Lags Behind Other Sports on Technology

In a report that comes from the same obvious bin that includes stories like "Men Like Sex" and "Ice Cream is Yummy", Discovery News reports that, unlike almost every sport on the face of the planet, soccer has been extremely slow to adopt technology to aid referees in making correct calls.  Feel free to peruse the article and draw your own conclusions, but I wanted to point out my personal favorite quotation from the article:
UEFA president Michel Platini is in complete agreement, arguing that video replays would interrupt the flow of the game.
Umm, excuse me? Would it interrupt the flow more than, say, a grown man writhing in pain after colliding with someone else with the force of two busy workers who rounded the corner of a cubicle too quickly?  Or perhaps a player from some certain African country waiting to be taken off in a stretcher (scroll to 96:45 on) and then walking away (9th paragraph, starting with "At one point") as soon as he crosses the sideline?  Just saying.

Side note: anyone notice the button at the bottom of Youtube videos that looks like a soccer ball?  Try it out.

Sorry for the link confusion regarding the Ghana super dive.  I can't find a video of the performance incident.

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