Sunday, March 28, 2010


Just kidding.  I meant Pay Czar.  This isn't Russia. Is this Russia? This isn't Russia.  I'm currently doing a project on this guy and he is pretty rad.

His resume includes:
  • Chief of Staff for Ted Kennedy in the late 60's
  • Special Master of the September 11 Victim Compensation Fund
  • Court-Appointed Special Settlement Master in several high-profile product liability cases including Agent Orange and asbestos
  • Administrator of the Hokie Spirit Memorial Fund
  • Had a street in his hometown named after him
  • Founding partner of this law firm
He actually has a pretty reasonable view on executive compensation.  His main tenets are small cash salaries and lots of long-term stock compensation.  He also strongly believes in "claw-back" provisions, where if someone receives a bonus based on a performance target, and it later turns out that target was not actually met, that person should pay back their bonus.  To a normal person, that sounds like common sense, but I guess it took this baller to make companies actually do it.

Best of all, he likes to have testy exchanges with congresswomen.

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