Thursday, April 10, 2008

In class doodle

Trust me, there's more where this came from:

Even though you probably don't care, I'll offer a backstory for those that have them.
This was inspired by Mr. Benjamin Paz. He was explaining how when you make a business plan, you select the option that gives you the highest probability for success, even though it may not necessarily be the best plan by the time everything plays out. He compared it to the reasoning for going to Wake Forest. "You could have gone to Beach University USA, but you came here instead. While you can go to another school and be successful in your career, you chose to go here because you think it gives you the best chance of success."
Hence, my artistic rendering of Mr. Paz's lecture: the guy from Beach U. chillin, and the Wake guy holding a briefcase full of dollars. (And if by now you're thinking we're a bunch of pompous jerks, you might be right)


Alex said...

i learned the same thing in my cognitive neuroscience course...

Noah said...

i learned the same thing in...umm actually i haven't learned that yet