Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Enrique has done it again. And by 'done it again' created one of the most addictive, yet idiotic song and music video on the face of the planet. The silliness starts right from the onset:

1. For some reason, Pitbull and Enrique find themselves in front of some random room (club?), and upon opening the doors: VOILA, tons of scantily-clad, hot chicks dancing. What else would they be doing in a room full of 100 strangers? Solution: Run into the room and start dancing, of course.

2. What the hell is Enrique wearing on his head? A dead racoon? His hair looks like a mature Justin Bieber's but darker.

3. Probably the coolest part of this video is when Mr. Iglesias decides to couch surf and turns totally parallel to the ground balancing with only his feet on the couch. SO TIGHT. Where are the wires? There are wires right?

4. The video suddenly turns to crap once Pitbull utters words out of his mouth. Some of his more choice lyrics:

-"I’m a Miami boy..."  OH. Really? I thought you were from Pensacola.
-"Let’s party on the White House lawn...Pick up Barack and Michelle and let’em know that it’s on"  YES. Please do that. Glad the first family has become part of pop music culture.

5. Cut to the end: Pan to another room. Show three woman in bikinis having a pillow fight. Unfortunately for them, someone has slit the pillows and feathers are raining down on them. What a shame. Enrique appears halfway through hanging from the ceiling. Things are starting to make sense now...

Eh...I like it.

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